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**Attention!**: Hair Loss Sufferers With Male Or Female Pattern Baldness & Thinning Hair...  Frustrated that nothing you've tried seems to actually WORK?

"Who Else  Wants To Know How To Stop Your Hair Loss & Rapidly  Grow Back A Full Head Of Thick, Shiny, Beautiful  Hair With Only 3 Easy Steps?"

Here's The True Story Of What Really Happened, How This Proven, Breakthrough Hair Serum Works, And How You Can Put It To Work For You... RIGHT NOW.

***As of   :*** Everyone in Dubai, Abu Dhabi - UAE, Hong Kong, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Manila - Philippines, Singapore, Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), South Lebanon, New Zealand, Barcelona - Spain, Cape Town - South Africa, Bangkok - Thailand, India, Oman, Qatar, Brunei, China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing), Jakarta - Indonesia, (and spreading quickly!) are now HAPPILY using our serums everyday and telling their friends about it. Read on to find out why...

     Are you:

Getting balder & losing more and more hair by the day?

Panicking seeing your hair thinning at an accelerated & alarming pace and don't know exactly what to do about it?

Currently having dandruff, scalp itchiness problems and can't find a solution to stop it?

Having dry, damaged, brittle hair that breaks easily?

Suffering from premature gray & white hair problems?

      If you answered YES! to any of those questions, whether you're a man, woman, young or old, this page might just be the most important letter you've ever read...

Now, Before We Get Started There¡¯s Something
Very Important That You Need To See...

      It's a report that outlines the 7 most important things you need to do today to stop your hair loss and re-grow your hair back permanently. Hair re-growth is very possible... but only when you use logical solutions based on science and fact. Simply enter your First name and Email address below, click on the 'Send My Report' button, and it will arrive in your inbox when you're done reading this letter:

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Hair Loss Is Embarrassing.

      It can have a devastating effect in every area your life - mentally, psychologically, in your work performance, relationships with the opposite sex: your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, friends, relatives, etc -- everything just goes down south.

      I know how it feels -- the more hair you lose, the more insecure... the more humiliated you feel.

      You feel grossly unattractive, old & ashamed to been seen with unsightly bald, thinning patches on your head and you'll do just about anything to turn back time and grow it all back!

Here's My Story And What It Means To YOU.

      You see, when I turned 29, I experienced an "awakening" of sorts.

      One morning, as I looked in the mirror and ran my hand through my hair, I suddenly realized my hair had seriously begun to thin at both front temples. I had what you called the dreaded "M" shape hairline -- instantly it made me look 5 years older than my actual age.

      I remembered how I was standing there flabbergasted... staring at the mirror in disbelief, with that horror, I mean...  how could I accept it? I was only 29 for God's sake.. How could I accept it?! "Why me??!" I loathed how I looked, absolutely hated it. But soon reality sank in that as shocked, as angry as I felt, I could not deny the fact, that the inevitable had happened: I was BALDING.

       My hair was drastically thinning & receding. "How much longer until I'm totally bald?", was all I could think off.

     The rest of the day I couldn't stop thinking about it. And that... was the start of a long, brutal & agonizing journey towards recovery. Over the weeks and months that followed, I became extremely self-conscious. I started wearing caps everywhere I went. I didn't want anybody else to see that I was going bald! And that was when

I Became A Scientist & A Guinea Pig.

      I spent hundreds of hours online, researching forums, blogs, went through over 20+ natural healing/medicine books and hundred of product user reviews.

      I went to consult with doctors & hair care centers, only to find out that any form of "treatment" would end up costing easily $3,000 - $20,000 and upwards... crazy!

     Unperturbed, I pushed on with my journey to look for the ultimate cure...

      Along the way, I discovered Japanese ancient hair tonics... tried it -- nothing.

      I then uncovered the immensely popular FDA-approved hair growth formulation of using both minoxidil and finasteride... (It is marketed today under many trade names, including Avacor Physician's Formulation, Loniten (oral), Mintop, Amexidil, Rogaine, Spectral.DNC, and Vanarex).

      I got excited! Sure it was expensive as hell, but heck, I didn't care! Everyone I consulted said it would work.

     ... and initially it did work, I did grow back a head full of hair,

But Only To Lose It All AND EVEN MORE  The Moment I Stopped Taking Them.

     A side note about anything that contains minoxidil and finasteride (whether it's in topical or tablet form) -- despite what any doctor, pharmacists or hair care "expert" will say -- I can tell you from personal experience DO NOT to take them at all costs!

     There drugs will DESTROY your internal system -- they are PURE CHEMICAL -- 110% bad for you - and the side effects will be a NIGHTMARE for you in the long-run, so think twice before consuming them!

       Long story short, each time I tried something new, I would get my hopes up thinking I had found a solution. And each time, I would be slapped on the face with a big let down when nothing changed. I began to feel depressed. I was starting to think I would have to live with no hair for the rest of my life.

       And then, just when I was about to give up for good, I stumbled upon an odd combination of treatment that I never considered before. It was in early 2012, when I stumbled upon a product called from "Eco Herb Serums". It was cheap. And more importantly it was HERBAL-BASED.

      And after just months of application, my hair loss completely stopped and baby hair started sprouting all over my head... everywhere!

      You can imagine how my confidence has returned completely since... Today, after 1 year+ of blood, sweat & tears battling this dreadful "disease", it is FINALLY gone.

      And it is because of how confident I am of this product, that I'm sharing it with you here, with the hope that YOU will also get back your head full of hair!

      Best of all: It doesn't matter whether your hair loss is due to genetics, pregnancy, malnutrition, stress level, the environment or anything lifestyle-related, by the time you're finished using it, your hair WILL grow with your body¡¯s own, natural hair growth cycle - thicker & fuller than ever before.

Losing hair has been one of the most embarrassing things that has happened to me. Over the past 3 years, I have tried every possible solution in the market. Nothing worked.

I have tried FDA-approved drugs such as rogaine, minoxidil, finesteride, and they did help me grow my hair, but only to fall off FASTER the moment I stopped taking them and they are expensive!

I first tried your herbal ginseng with much doubt, only to love it when I start seeing baby hairs grow after just 4 months using it.

Francis Y

... Introducing: Balding Serums Herbal Hair Loss Treatment -- Simple, Cheap & Magical!

1. **Brand New!**: Ginseng Extra Strength -- More Power, Double Ooomph! (For Critical Hair Loss Treatment & Hair Re-Growth):

      Our newest breakthrough Ginseng Hair Reborn has just launched! This secret formula is specifically for critical & severe hair loss cases when hair is extremely sparse, thin or near-bald. This patented Ginseng Extra Strength extract contains a special blend of traditional ginseng, natural herbs, enzymes & plants to stimulate baby hair follicles for accelerated hair thickness & growth.

      Ginseng is widely used as a key ingredient in indigenous medicine and traditional medicine as a powerful natural stimulant & aphrodisiac. This ginseng lotion absorbs perfectly into your scalp, forms a strong, protective layer on your hair strands & nourishes your baby roots with a cool, breezy sensation which leaves you wanting more. Its effects remains until the next wash.

Magical Effects:

- New baby hair-regrowth
- Stimulate new hair follicles for maximum hair re-growth
- Stops hair loss
- Thickens hair
- Treats scalp itchiness, dry scalp & dandruff
- Nourishes hair structure to remain fresh & healthy

2. Citrus Hystrix Serum (For Dandruff, Oily/Itchy/Dry/Flaky Scalp, Lice Problems)

      Citrus hystrix (also known as "medicine citrus" - is a fruit native to IndoChinese eco-regions commonly used in traditional Indonesian medicine).

      This trademark patented serum is a special hair care solution which works wonders to treat oily/itchy/flaky/dry scalp problems, scalp itchiness & dandruff. It nourishes, protects the hair from the damages done by over exposure to sun and hair styling products which makes them strong, and they don't break away easily.

      It conditions the hair, which makes them healthy, silky and shiny. Processed without harmful fuel-based ingredients, heat & chemicals. It contains fine molecules that allows it to easily absorb into the scalp right into your hair roots. Functions as a rich hair "soil" with deep nourishment for hair roots.

Magical Effects:

- Solves itchiness & dandruff problems
- Treats dandruff, oily/itchy/dry/flaky scalp problems
- Makes hair strong & don't break easily
- Protects the hair from the damages done by over exposure to sun and hair styling products
- Reduces stress, headaches & migraine
- Increased blood circulation to the scalp & cure dry skin

3. Hair Re-Born Scalp Rejuvenation Herbal Shampoo

      One of the  most powerful hair-reborn herbal shampoos because it is formulated from a combination of fruit enzymes, natural tropical herbs & plants. You can instantly tell as it gives off an extremely cooling and breezy sensation when applied on your scalp.

       This combination produces important micro-organisms to create a magical effect on your hair roots which in turn makes it a highly effective solution for hair thinning, dandruff, scalp itchiness, dull & dry hair.

Magical Effects:

- Stops hair loss
- Stronger, shinier, thicker hair
- Treats dandruff, scalp itchiness, dry scalp
- Conditions & makes hair softer & less frizzy
- Nourishes hair structure to remain fresh & healthy
- Therapeutic, soothing & cooling on scalp to treat migraines & headaches

4. Pomegranate VCO Cream

      This cream contains a special blend of pomegranate plant extracts and rich doses of Virgin Coconut Oil (a well-known catalyst and hair growth stimuli which is is obtained from fresh coconut milk using the ¡®Integrated Wet and Dry Process¡¯ without any heat or chemical application).

      It is completely absorbed by hair, filling up the hollow shafts, adding body and making hair appear thicker, whilst also protecting it from damage (by reducing fiber swelling). This along with 7 other "secret" blend of mixed herbs makes it an all-natural hair loss agent & hair growth stimuli.

Magical Effects:

- Coats hair shafts for stronger, shinier hair & prevent damages
- Improves hair texture to reduce hair fall due to breakage
- Increase blood circulation to scalp
- Stimulates hair follicle, opens up pores on scalp for hair re-growth
- Is Vitamin E rich which nourishes & treats brittle hair

All Our Products Are 100% Herbal-Based -- Processed Without  Fuel-based Heat Or Chemicals.

Free of side effects.

Water-based, non greasy and odorless.

Drug-free, and made from top quality herbs.

3 Easy Steps To Stop Your Hair Loss & Grow Back Your Hair.. Fuller & Thicker Than Before.

Step #1: Apply the Pomegranate VCO Cream In The Morning Step #2: Use The Hair Re-Born Scalp Rejuvenation Herbal Shampoo At Night

       How To Use:

      Use every morning as a replacement for your other hair creams you normally use. Make sure your hair is clean & dry before application.

      Apply a generous amount onto your scalp and massage thoroughly for 1-2 minutes so that it fully absorbs deep into your roots.  

      Can be used daily or every other day without any side effects.

      How To Use:

      Wet your hair and apply generous amounts & massage onto your hair & scalp gently for 3 minutes.

      Do it slowly to make sure it fully absorbs the herbal extracts, enzymes & microorganisms deep into your scalp.

      Rinse, wash & dry to prepare for application of your preferred Serum thereafter. Can be used daily or every other day without any side effects.

Step #3: Apply the Ginseng Extra Strength OR Citrus Hystrix Serum (Use Only Either One) At Night... Every Night.

      How To Use:

      Use the Ginseng Extra Strength or the Citrus Hystrix Serum (use only one) once every night right after you have used the Hair re-born herbal shampoo. Wipe, clean & dry your scalp thoroughly.

      Apply a generous amount & gently massage on the problematic areas for 1-2 minutes with the tip of your fingers to make sure it absorbs deeply into your skin to work it's magic.

      Alternatively, you can also use a medium sized paint brush to apply it onto your skin for a more even effect. Recommended to use it consistently every night without using any other hair creams for maximum effect.

       Can be used daily or every other day without any side effects.

Say ¡°YES!¡± to Confidence, Acceptance & A Youthful, Attractive Appearance!

      Imagine... how it feels like to see (and feel) little, tiny hairs popping up all over your head.

      Imagine... combing your hair and feeling hundreds of tiny baby hairs starting to grow in the thinnest spots on your scalp.

      Imagine... looking your age for the first time in months or even years!

      Imagine... the confidence you'll get back to DOMINATE at work!

      Imagine... feeling attractive again, having the opposite sex looking AT YOU instead of looking PAST YOU!

      ...the world of possibilities.

      If you're going for hair transplants, hair care treatment centers, or any other OTC drug or chemical based treatments, you'll easily be charged those ridiculous, exorbitant prices for treatments that are often dangerous, have permanent side-effects or end up with dismal results at best.

      What you want instead is a solid, practical & affordable solution with PERMANENT results.

      And that's' exactly what you're going to get, way cheaper than any treatment you'll ever see anywhere else...

(1) -- Basic Citrus Hystrix Package --

(For dandruff, oily/itchy/dry/flaky scalp, lice, migraines & headaches)

(2) -- Ginseng Extra Strength Extreme Package -- **Exclusive Promo Sale Offer!**

(For beginning, serious & critical hair loss or near bald)

(3) -- NeemCare Organics Scalp Rejuvenation Package --

(Treats white/graying hair - if your hair feels flat, dull, rough or dry, use this for softer texture, shinier, bouncier, stronger hair)

    (4) -- Customize & Choose Your Own Products:

(Click On The Drop Down Menu Below To Choose Your Preferred Quantity Of Each Product And Then Click On The Yellow "Add To Cart Button"):



       **We are now giving away FREE SHIPPING & all products will be shipped to you by International Registered Airmail **

That¡¯s not just a fair deal, it¡¯s an incredible deal! And I can just about guarantee you¡¯re never going to see a value like this again. After our launch offer is over, our products will easily cost double the price you're seeing now.

***Early Bird Special Offer***: As of
  , the introductory promotion price & bonus *free shipping* you see above still stands. But I can't promise it¡¯ll remain tomorrow... Or even a few hours from now... So don't hesitate and place your bookings now.

      Our 100% natural herbal ingredients processed without fuel-based heat or chemicals are the first and ONLY of it's kind.

      You cannot find this anywhere else in the world but here... and I want you to be the FIRST to get your hands on them.

Check Out What Other Users Are Saying:

**(Customer Initials Used For Privacy Reasons)**

It took me app 6-7 months to grow all my hair back with your ginseng serum and shampoos. I was disciplined and I applied them consistently every day without fail. Till this day I am still shocked by how such an inexpensive product as yours could work because I have spent close to $7000+ in the past year on many different products, clinics, treatments; you name it, I tried them all, nothing worked. 

I first tested yours with extreme skepticism too lol(can you blame me?;) Within the first 3 weeks of application, my hair loss completely stopped and I started to see baby hairs growing in the front! And what you see today, it's 90% close what it looks like before my drastic hair thinning, so thank you for such amazing products, I've recommended this to all my family and friends as I'm convinced now that it really DOES work! Go herbal!

~ Jeff P

I used to feel insecure and have confidence problems with the women & at work because of my awkward bald spot at the top of my head. I easily spent close to $20,000 over the years trying all sorts of hair care treatments which probably got me to grow a few strands of baby hair at most. I tried your product because it was cheap just for the sake of trying, but the moment I started using it I instantly felt the difference.

My hair loss stopped within 3 weeks of using and after 6 months, my bald spot at the top has more or less grown back I still cannot believe it, my friends are also noticing my new glow and the image change in me, I couldn't be happier! Have already recommended to a couple of my friends who have lost hope with their hair loss, hopefully your product can help them too.

~ A. Raj

I love the overall herbal moisture and feel of your Ginseng it soothes my scalp each time I apply it. I used to feel depressed all the time worrying about my thinning hair and frankly I'm still amazed how such an inexpensive product as yours have managed to solve my biggest nightmare when I've easily spent thousands on other products with nothing to show.

My hair loss stopped within a month using your serum, dandruff problems settled, no more dried skin and grew back the entire back portion of my hair within 5 months!

~ Susan G

I have been suffering from severe hair thinning for the past 4 years to the point I practically gave up all hope after having close to $17,000 on ineffective treatments with a bruised ego and zero results.

The first week I used your product I was amazed at how it completely stopped my hair loss and within 7 months I've almost grown back a healthy, thick and full volume of hair on my crown! What's even more amazing is how affordable your products are unlike what's outside with little or no results. The herbs soothes my scalp and love the refreshing feels each time I apply it. Thank you! I've recommended it all my family & friends!

~ Gerard M

I've been using it consistently everyday for 3 months, my hair loss has stopped and I'm so happy that the chunks of hair I've lost have all grown back! I'm slowly getting my confidence back, the past couple of months have been a NIGHTMARE -- thinning hair for a woman is something NO WOMAN wants to go through, it really took a toll mentally, physically; especially on the relationship with my boyfriend.

I'm so grateful that he was so patient in putting up with my mood swings then, but I'm even more grateful that your product did what no other drug/treatment could do for me in the past - stop my hair loss and grow it back PERMANENTLY. I've recommended all my friends to get it!

~ Megan R

I have tried countless hair loss products in the market for over a year with very disappointing results, and a big hole in my pocket. Since using EcoHerbs, my hair loss has stopped within weeks of using it, and I've already grown back hair in my thinning spots within 3 months of using it. What's amazing about it is how cheap your solution is at just over $100, I've recommended a number of my friends to use it too, thank you Marc for giving me my confidence back!

~ Ralph A

Are You Going To Continue To Watch Your Hair Get Thinner And Thinner... Until EVERYTHING'S Gone?

      Or are you ready to actually DO SOMETHING to finally stop your hair loss at the source and grow back your "crowning glory" permanently once and for all?

      So choose your preferred package and click on the Yellow "Add To Cart" button here... You'll then be directed to a secure order page to enter your credit card information.

      We use Paypal, to process your payments, the world's #1 most trusted payment processor. Your transaction is secure ¡ª using Paypal's secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.

      The whole process takes just a few minutes and we'll immediately start packing and sending you your entire package the very next day... so click here to place your booking now before everything is gone...

To a brand new you!

Marc Heong
Feel Free To WhatsApp Our Hotline Here: +6012-2928679
Facebook: www.facebook.com/baldingserum

P.S - If you don¡¯t take any action now, what's possibly going to be different tomorrow? That¡¯s right. If you do nothing then nothing will change. Your hair will keep on falling until there's NOTHING left to save. And once the spot is completely bald, it will stay bald... FOREVER. No "magic" treatment will be able to save you then. Don't let that happen to you. The opportunity for you to save your hair is staring at your face. This might just be the missing link in your quest for getting your crowning glory back, so what are you waiting for?

P.P.S - Months from now, when your hair is thick, full & beautiful again, you¡¯ll be looking back on this as one of the smartest decisions you¡¯ve ever made in your life. I¡¯ve done all that I can to take you to the next level. It's up to YOU now to take the next step.

      What else is there to lose?


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