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      We welcome all queries for bulk orders or if you're interested to become a re-seller or a distribution agent in your country.

      To start off our relationship (for bulk orders, retailers, agents & resellers), you will just have to place a MINIMUM order of 40 full-package sets, that is 160 bottles, which consists of:

 - Ginseng extra strength x 40
 - Herbal hair re-born shampoo x 40
 - Kaffir lime x 40
 - Pomegranate cream x 40

      Total = 40 full-package sets = 160 bottles.

      As a first time agent of ours, we are 100% committed to ensure your success, because we understand that it's only when you succeed, we succeed.

      If you have used any of our products, you will know that our products sell by themselves. Our products are one of the very few in the world that have been proven to permanently stop hair loss and grow back hair.

      Users LOVE the herbal feel of our products and it's no surprise to see over 50% of them instantly recommending the products to their friends and relatives as well -- that's what we have strived from the very beginning - to produce and manufacture products that are the very best in their product categories to leverage on the power of "word-of-mouth" advertising. So feel free to use our products to bring in more new customers to your shop, your distribution channels, and add more profits to your bottom line.

      What's more amazing is the fact that all our products contain ZERO chemicals -- only 100% all-natural herbal plants and ingredients with ZERO side effects whatsoever.

      If you're interested in our agent/reseller/bulk purchase program, then feel free to write to us at baldingserum @ gmail.com with the subject line "Interested In Re-seller Agent Program" - and provide us with the following details:

- Your full name
- Your nationality (and where are you currently located at).
- Your contact number (preferably a fixed or landline number)
- Where (which country) would you like for us to send the products to
- How do you plan to sell your products (through local distribution, local retailers/distributors, through the internet, import & export, direct selling, etc)
- What is the nature of your current business
- How many bottles do you plan to order

      Just for us to understand you and your business a little better. We will get back to you within the next 48 hours (we receive a lot of agent requests, so please allow us some time to respond).

      Looking forward to speaking with you...

baldingserum @ gmail.com


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